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Rider`s education


Riding students can benefit from Robby`s extensive knowledge and experience. Each lesson is supervised by Robby, no matter if individual training or training in small groups.


For further information, please don`t hesitate to contact us by telephone or e-mail.


Purchase and sale of sport horses


KROWOZA & WESTER SPORT HORSES always provides a fine selection of promising jumping or eventing horses as well as nice ridden horses for the amateur sport. Our offer ranges from the talented youngster up to successful and experienced show horses.


In case you do not find your dream horse at our stable, don`t hesitate to ask us - whatever you require – we have a solution!


Horse education


It`s a strong passion for us to educate horses. Robby`s motto is: The strength is to be found in serenity – keep calm!


This means, for horse education it is not only important to have the right skills and feeling, it also means that profound training take the time it needs.

The horses obtain an excellent education by selected training methods. This allows a successful training without unnecessary stress for the horses. As a result, we get happy and healthy horses, which are willing to perform at highest classes.


Competition presentation


We present your horse at national and international competitions. A competition controls the horse’s education level and provides an opportunity to improve. By individual training plans we can pursue the horse`s development. It`s not only the goal to achieve a single placement in competition, but also to promote continuous success up to highest classes.


On our website, you will find current videos of our competition starts.


Riding facility


Our modern and beautiful riding facility by Steenmann & Wester in Roermond was founded in 2006. In close proximity to our stable, you will find the wonderful “Nationalpark de Meinweg”, which invites to long and relaxing rides.


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