Robby Krowoza


Robby was born on 23.05.1987 in Hartmannsdorf, nearby Dresden. During his childhood and youth, he spent a lot of time with horses and riding. He got more and more fascinated by horses and started to desire to work independent and professional in the equestrian business.


From 2006 to 2009, he completed his education in horse riding and horse management located on Andreas Lorenz` riding facility (Seelitzer Freizeit GmbH) in Seelitz. Thereby he was supported and trained by Volker Tonn (international rider and Olympic competitor in 1968) and temporary by Karl Heinz Streng (German Olympic Games committee).


After that he moved to Lohmar in order to train and learn on Jochen Scherer`s riding facility (today J. Scherer is located in Neunkirchen-Seelscheidt). In this time he achieved his first successes in higher jumping classes (S**).  


Robby has a master of horse management and by own experience he knows what it means to feel the greatest happiness on earth while sitting in the saddle of a horse. Proper training is an important foundation for successful equestrian sport, no matter if for beginners or advanced students.


Subsequently, well-known trainer trained Robby. One of them was Vladimir Tuganov (Russian Olympic competitor), who enables him further placements in the Sunshine Tour (ES) and Magno Racino Tour (AT).


In 2012 and 2014, he moved to Qatar in order to train the international Team horses with the collaboration of Karl Schneider and Markus Fuchs.


In 2013, Robby worked for Desiree Johnson (Canadian rider, homebased in Niederkrüchten since 2002, Germany) and trained with Henk van de Broek.


Thanks to that variety of excellent trainers, Robby received a great education and a lot of expertise. He could prove his learned skills on many national and international competitions.


His most important successes:

2002 - 2004 Participation on „Bundeswettkämpfen der Vierkämpfe“, 2 x  vice champion
2002 - Saxon jumping junior champion

2002 - 2nd. place AEGON Junior-Challenge-Cup, Gera,

qualification for the Final in Düsseldorf - 15. place
2003 - Champion Saxon Switzerland-Osterzgebirge
2003 - Champion Gebirgs-Cup Saxon Switzerland-Osterzgebirge
2003 - Participation Junior-Cup, Partner Pferd in Leipzig
2004 - 3. place Saxon Championship
2005 - 4. place Saxon Championship


This was followed by further placements and successes in jumping competitions up to class S ***. 

Horse riding is more than just a sport. Horse riding is feeling and trust. Horse riding is an attitude towards life.  





From an early age, Nikki spent a lot of time with horses on the parental riding facility in Roermond. For this reason, she decided to work with horses professionally.


In 2011, she got her degree in animal husbandry and in 2013, she completed her education in horse riding.


During a training period in 2012, she spent 6 month in each case at Peter Keunen`s and Peter Wyld`s riding facilities. In 2013, she worked for 6 month for Desiree Johnson, where she met Robby Krowoza.


After that, they decided to move to Qatar in order to train the international Team horses with the collaboration of Karl Schneider and Markus Fuchs.


In 2015, Robby and Nikki started their own business, KROWOZA & WESTER SPORT HORSES. Nikki pulls the strings for the team and supports Robby in daily business with horses.


Her successes:





Successful in dressage competitions up to

  • Grand Prix
  • St. Georg
  • Intermediaire I




Sister from Nikki Wester

helps and supports the team whenever possible.





Starting and training of young horses. Vast experience, management of the riding facility

(Africhtings & Pensionstal Wester-Steenmann)

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